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Stampede is a remarkable new approach to Linux distributions. Ironically enough, in a world of so many Linux distributions that claim to do everything under the sun, it seems that none really exist that are designed to both perform tasks and maintain speed and reliability. Furthermore, most Linux distributions make too many compromises, whether it be sacrificing functionality to deliver ease of use, or vice versa, Stampede aims to take the middle road.


Stampede Linux was created on December 4th, 1997. This date holds significance as it is the birthday of Stampede Linux's founder, Matt Wood. The distribution was named after Matt's personal domain, which he created 6 months before work began on Stampede Linux. He decided to work on Stampede out of his frustration with the present distributions, since none of them could adequately fulfill his needs. Although Matt doesn't actively work in the distribution today, we still continue on in the original spirit of the project, and he is available as an advisor when necessary.

Current System Features

  • Based on:
    • GNU C Library, version 2
    • Linux 2.4.x series kernels
    • New, advanced init script system
  • Installer:
    • CD-ROM, Hard Disk, NFS, or Internet installation!
    • Automated installs (optional). Select a pre-compiled list of packages to install for your desired system.
  • Key Software:
    • X Window System: XFree86 version 4.x series
    • Desktop environments: GNOME and KDE
    • Window managers: WindowMaker, Enlightenment, AfterStep, IceWM, Blackbox, XFce, just to name a few
    • Office suites: AbiSuite
    • All packages are optimized for Pentium-class or higher systems to utilize today's processor features.
  • Facilities and Utilities:
    • SLP, Stampede Linux Packages ... These packages allow you to install and uninstall software easily and safely.
    • SPK, Simple Packaging Kit. An innovative packaging system that rivals RPM or .DEB/APT in ease of use, reliability, and functionality. (This is in the planning stages and will be released later.)
    Development on Stampede is pretty intense. If you're interested in helping our distribution mature, please e-mail our volunteer coordinator. Also, since the Stampede Linux project is a completely non-profit organization, we are happy to welcome donations. If you are interesting in donating hardware or funding to Stampede Linux, please contact mysticone at stampede dot org. Please remember that at this time, donations are not tax deductable.

  • (c) 2005 Stampede Linux Foundation