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March 1st, 2002:

Well, unfortunately this year hasn't turned out as productive as we originally hoped. It is with regret that I inform everyone that Stampede Linux is ceasing development for an unspecified amount of time. Many of the developers on the staff now have been working extremely hard to come up with some good ideas, some new features, and clean and consistent code bases that were to make Stampede Linux a strong contender in the Linux distribution battle. However, we've been mulling over the same things over, and over, and over, that we've all decided to take a break to clear our heads. Stampede may emerge from this vacation as a stronger, better distribution. Or, it may emerge as something completely different. As of right now we're not thinking that far ahead... and everyone that's given us their time and effort is taking a well-deserved break. The last version of Stampede that has been released is still available on our FTP site (, and we will still be supporting that version and previous versions to the best of our abilities in #Stampede on Stampede thanks all those who have helped us in the past, and thanks those who will have confidence in us in the future. We will be back in some shape, form, or fashion, so check with us from time to time. Thank you. .

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